Monday, April 20, 2015


A Hypebeast is defined as someone who "hypes" a major release because everyone wants the latest and greatest. Essentially meaning that a Hypebeast only wants something because it is "hot" not because they actually want it. This term originated with sneaker enthusiasts (aka Sneakheads),  but is really applicable to anything "collectible". I am a hypebeast.

To continue from the past post about being a hustler and always looking for new ways to make a dollar, it only makes sense that I am a hypebeast and getting in on the latest trends and products that will be good for a quick flip into cash. Known as "flippers", these people generally care more about making money than the item being sold. People like to bitch and complain about flippers and say how they are scourge of the earth and force prices up. To these people, I say you are a hypocrite and full of shit.

Now let me explain. We all have our hobbies and things we like to collect. Some people are extreme (think hoarders) and others are just super fans of some subject matter (sports, toys, cars, etc.). But the fun of it all is finding those things that make you happy. So there is this notion that things are "rare" or "limited edition" as the marketing people LOVE to claim. What does this mean? It means that the perceived value for said item is super high. What happens next is people start to capitalize on "rare" and "limited" items for big dollars. This is where the hype gets evil. When something is HOT people will pay a premium for it. Thus a flipper is born. It is pure supply and demand. Lots of demand combined with low supply equals high prices.

The point is if you are in it to make money, then this is just how things are. I love the latest and greatest "collectible" I am not foolish enough to believe anything is truly rare, but if I can make some cash, you better believe I will. Let's be honest, if you bought a pair of the latest Nike Jordans for $180 and could flip them for $500-1000 (depending on the model), you sure as hell would sell in a heartbeat. This is why (sadly) people are getting shot over sneakers. Ever hear the term "don't hate the player, hate the game"? Well that applies here. As long as people pay ridiculous prices for things, people will be trying to make a profit.

Case in point. I woke up at 7AM to buy these Nike Air Jordans - "Hare Jordan" Space Jam edition. Why in the world am I waking up so early? Because the hype on these shoes is high and if I can buy in at $180 (a ridiculous price) and flip for $400+  why not? For me personally, I really enjoy the chase of finding the "rare" items and selling for a profit. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but it is fun for me. In general, I won't stoop to the lows that some people will, but I enjoy the "hype" and the chase. You do too. I say have fun and enjoy the chase, but understand that you cant get them all.... and if you could, what would the fun be in that?

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