Friday, September 18, 2015

Comic Con Wrap Up

So this post is long over due and probably no longer relevant, but I need to get this down so I can catch up to the rest of the topics that I have been meaning to write about. The last 3 posts were basically me bitching about what is wrong with comic con. Based on all of that whining and moaning, you would be correct to assume comic con is a horrible experience and should be avoided at all costs. Well I did want to share some of the good and explain why I keep coming back year after year despite my ongoing complaints.

A fact of life is that things will never be as good as the first time you experienced it. That sense of discovery and exploration can never be recreated. However, the flip side of that is that there is ALWAYS something new to discover. That is the simplest way to explain why I come back year after year. The adventure of combing through a gigantic convention center hoping to find that special souvenir or collectible. There is SO much stuff and I get so much joy of just window shopping. Shopping online or at a mall, just isn't the same. So as much as I bitch, I will always come back.

If I am honest with myself, I have way too much stuff. I have toys for days and days and should probably give/sell them to people who could really appreciate it. I used to be hoarder and tried to keep everything, but as I have gotten older and moved a few times, I have slowly let go of a lot of my collection. Thus is the evil cycle of being a collector... 1.) BUY 2.) BUY more  3.)Life event 4.)SELL 5.)Miss your old stuff 6.)Go back to step 1! What I learned is that I like the chase of tracking down toys and the act of buying. Once I own it... eh... no big deal.

Sorry for that bit of a tangent on my hoarding. The last reason why comic con is a great experience and why you owe it to yourself to go (at least once) are the people. Yes the same people I am complaining about... By and large, everyone here is a fan of something. Could be the latest TV Show like Walking Dead. It could also be fans of comics, toys, anime,  Star Wars, or even stuffed llamas. There are literally people from all walks of life that are fans of the most random things. Why is this cool? Because it leads to some awesome conversations and you are likely to find someone who likes the same stuff you do. Every year, I make new friends and it is a blast to meet folks the old fashion way... "Hi, what are you here to see..." and go from there. Over the years, I have made so many friends that I only see at comic con. So that is once a year that I get to see these people. Its funny because I see these people maybe once a year, but we have been friends for over 10 years. When we see each other, its all stories and catching up. These are "real" friends, not fake Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends. REAL people.

So there you have it... go to comic con, meet cool people, manage your expectations, have fun and don't stress. For the people who may read this, THANKS! and I would love to hear your thoughts or comments. On to the next topic! D23.... = (

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